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Tax Preparation

Murphy, Murphy & Murphy has been providing high-quality, professional tax preparation services to individuals for over 25 years. Whether your return is simple or a very complicated sole-proprietorship, we give the same, high level, of review to every return that we prepare. Dedication, strong client relationships and total client satisfaction are the backbone of the firm and have led to hundreds of referrals over the years.

Corporate Tax Preparation

The preparation of corporate tax returns has been the largest growth area for Murphy, Murphy & Murphy over the past 5 years. From small partnerships to large corporation, we will ensure that you consider all of your legal deductions so you realize your full tax benefit. Our comprehensive interview techniques and computerized return preparation assure that your return is complete, correct, and presented to you in a timely manner.

Tax Planning

Our Tax Planning services can help you get a handle on your current and future tax situation. We can help structure your transactions to minimize the amount of tax you pay. Through careful evaluation, we will assist you in planning your tax obligations for the entire year, so there won’t be any surprises at tax time. We’ll also be on hand to explain the tax structure so you’ll know where your money is going

Estate & Retirement Planning

At what age can you retire? How much is enough at retirement to last through your golden years? We have a “program” formatted as a spreadsheet that can be completed as an added service during your tax appointment or as a separate meeting any time during the year. The program helps define a formula that you can easily follow to assist you in reaching your desired retirement age and what you need to save to get there. You may be able to retire much earlier than you think with a little planning right now.

Business Advisory Service (Virtual CFO)

Let us be your Chief Financial Officer for a fraction of the cost of hiring another employee! This highly acclaimed software package that allows for advanced Financial Planning for any size company, whether a sole-proprietorship or a multi-million dollar corporation. With detailed budgeting and monthly analysis, you’ll gain a firm handle on your company’s Gross Margins, Net Profits and Cash Flow. This software, in conjunction with expert analysis, has saved many of our best clients and allowed their businesses to thrive.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

This service is perfect for people that like to keep accurate records but just don’t have the time to do all the data entry. With this, we enter and track all of your bills, payments and deposits for the entire year. Then, we print your end of the year financial statements for easy tax preparation. Utilizing this service reduces your stress and decreases your tax liability or increases your refund! Financial statements can also be printed monthly and can be integrated very easiliy into the Year at a Glance package.

Financial Statement Reviews and Compilations

A review provides limited assurance on the financial statements, whereas a compilation provides no expressed assurance. Both are ideal for clients looking to secure loans with banks, merge or sell their companies, or not legally required to perform a full audit. We have extensive experience with multiple industries and over 25 years of accounting experience in the preparation of reviewed and compiled financial statements. Our success has been largely due to our commitment to continuing education and maintaining current practices related to financial statement preparation as accounting professionals. In addition, our firm is peer reviewed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to ensure quality and conformity to current pronouncements.


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